Sunday, 20 March 2011

my lovely princes

 hello mello earthlings :) well , im a newbie . so , now i wanna introduce one of my bff. her name is Diyana Samad . she is cute and pretty aite? i've known her since im in std 6 . and now like , 2 years i knw u D . thanks fr being a good mates to me . through all this thick and thin together \paece/ ahhh now , i don't have any idea . goodluck in what you do . try ur very best i know u can girl . stay cute and I love you always mwihihihi ^^ so that's all i need to finish up all the chore and go to sleep . niteeee :D
                               p/s:iloveyou <3 , ilikeyou, ineedyou . heeeee
                                                   diyana did you remember this song <3